Capacity Building Programme

Capacity Building Programme For Teachers By CBSE On Environmental Studies 2023-24

Capacity Building Programme

Cultivating Environmental Champions: A CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Studies for Angles Public School, Sambhal

CBP On Environmental Studies
The term ‘Capacity Building ‘ encompasses the quality of adaptation – the ability of an educator or school to grow, progress, and improve. ANGELS PUBLIC SCHOOL, SAMBHAL has been emphasizing learning and looks forward to eagerly participating in many workshops conducted by CBSE at every level.
The Capacity Building Programme on ’ ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES ’ (elementary classes) was conducted on 15th January 2024. The resource person Dr. Reeta Sharma mam focused on different innovative methods of teaching which not only makes teaching and learning easy but also impressive. She also emphasised the vision of NEP and how to educate students about changes we need to bring into our teaching pedagogy to make them aware of the current environmental issues.
The session delved into various ways to keep the environment green. She discussed various stories where it was proven that thinking globally and working locally can make a huge impact. The workshop was a perfect platform for the insightful discussion.

In the heart of Angles Public School, an institution dedicated to nurturing your children. Recognizing the crucial role of environmental education in shaping responsible global citizens, the school has embarked on a commendable initiative – a Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Studies. This program, designed to empower both students and teachers, holds the potential to transform CBSE School Education into a beacon of environmental awareness and action.

The Imperative of Environmental Education

The world is grappling with unprecedented environmental challenges – climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion. These issues threaten the planet’s health and the very fabric of human society. It is no longer a question of “if” but “when” these challenges will impact our lives. Equipping the next generation with the knowledge, skills, Teacher Training, and values necessary to address these challenges is not just an option it is an imperative.

The Angles Public School Initiative: A Model for Change

The Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Studies at Angles Public School is a well-structured initiative designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding of environmental issues among students and teachers. The program will cover a wide range of topics, including climate change, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable living. Interactive sessions, workshops, and field trips will bring these concepts to life, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills related to environmental challenges. Students will be encouraged to analyze environmental issues, identify root causes, and propose solutions. This will equip them with the ability to think critically and make informed decisions in the face of complex environmental problems.
  • Inculcate values of environmental responsibility and stewardship. The program will emphasize the interconnectedness of all living things and promote respect for the natural world. Students will be encouraged to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives and become advocates for environmental protection.
  • Empower teachers to integrate environmental education into their curriculum effectively. The program will train teachers on effective teaching methodologies, resources, and tools for incorporating environmental education into various subjects. This will ensure that environmental learning is not confined to a single subject but becomes a seamless educational experience.

A Ripple Effect of Change

The impact of the Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Studies will extend far beyond the walls of Angles Public School. Here’s how:

  • Empowered students: The program will equip students with the knowledge, skills, Teacher Training, and values to become active agents of change. They can advocate for environmental protection in their communities, inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices.
  • Engaged teachers: Trained and empowered teachers will become champions of environmental education, integrating sustainability principles into their teaching methods and inspiring future generations of environmentally conscious students.
  • A model for other schools: The success of this program can serve as a model for other schools in Sambhal and beyond, inspiring them to adopt similar initiatives and create a network of environmentally responsible institutions.
  • A positive impact on the community: As students and teachers become more environmentally conscious, they will translate their knowledge into action, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable Sambhal.


The Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Studies at Angles Public School is a commendable initiative with the potential to create a ripple effect of positive change. By empowering students and teachers, the program can foster a generation of environmentally responsible citizens who will work towards a sustainable future for Sambhal and beyond. This initiative serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the power of education to address the environmental challenges of our time.

Capacity Building Programme For Teachers By CBSE on Environmental Studies 2023-24

Inspiring Action: Engaging the Community in Angles Public School’s Environmental Journey

The Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Studies at Angles Public School isn’t just limited to the classroom walls. It aims to create a ripple effect of positive change by engaging the wider community in its environmental journey. Here are some ways the program can achieve this:

Community Outreach and Partnerships:

  • Collaborate with local environmental organizations: Partner with NGOs, environmental groups, and government agencies to organize awareness campaigns, tree plantation drives, and waste collection initiatives. This will not only raise awareness but also provide valuable resources and expertise.
  • Engage local businesses: Encourage local businesses to adopt sustainable practices and offer discounts or incentives to customers who choose eco-friendly options. This can create a market shift towards sustainability within the community.
  • Organize community events: Host environmental fairs, film screenings, and panel discussions to educate and engage the community on various environmental issues. This can foster a sense of shared responsibility and encourage collective action.

Student-Led Initiatives:

  • Empower students to become environmental ambassadors: Train students to conduct presentations, workshops, and awareness campaigns in their neighborhoods and local CBSE School Education. This will give them a platform to share their knowledge and inspire others.
  • Organize community clean-up drives: Students can organize and lead clean-up drives in parks, public spaces, and even their neighborhoods. This will improve the environment and foster a sense of community ownership.
  • Promote sustainable living practices: Encourage students to share sustainable living tips with their families and friends, such as reducing energy consumption, conserving water, and minimizing waste. This can create a positive ripple effect within households.

Leveraging Technology and Media:

  • Create a school environmental blog or website: Share articles, photos, and videos about the program’s activities, environmental issues, and sustainable living tips. This can reach a wider audience and create a platform for knowledge sharing.
  • Utilize social media: Encourage students and teachers to share their environmental activities and learnings on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This can raise awareness, inspire others, and create a virtual community of environmentally conscious individuals.
  • Partner with local media: Collaborate with local newspapers, radio stations, and television channels to publicize the program’s initiatives and achievements. This can generate wider community support and encourage others to get involved.


By implementing these strategies, the Capacity Building Programme on Environmental Studies can transcend the confines of the CBSE School Education and create a wave of positive change within the Sambhal community. The empowered students and teachers will become catalysts for action, inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices and work towards a greener future. Remember, environmental action is most effective when it is collaborative and community-driven. Let Angles Public School’s initiative be a shining example of how education can empower individuals and communities to become stewards of the environment.

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Capacity Building Programme

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