good manners and bad manners activity photos

Good Manners and Bad Manners: Activity 2023-24

Teaching Good Manners and Bad Manners Activities: A Guide for CBSE School Students

Good Manners and Bad Manners Activity
Good manners and kindness are always in fashion.” ..isn’t it?
Good manners are essential life skills. Manners and etiquettes in children make a good impression on others and make them feel good about themselves and their identity.
In this activity, students were educated about the manners and etiquette they need in life.
So that they can be better individuals.

Welcome to our guide on teaching good manners and bad manners activities to CBSE school students. We’re here to help you understand why good manners are important and how to teach them effectively.

At CBSE schools, we understand the immense importance of teaching students not only academic knowledge but also essential life skills. One such critical skill is the understanding and practice of good manners and the avoidance of bad manners. In this guide, we will explore the significance of these manners, their impact on student’s lives, and effective strategies to instill them in our young learners.

Good manners form the foundation of respectful interactions in society. These simple acts of kindness and consideration towards others reflect a person’s character and upbringing. By cultivating good manners, students not only enhance their personal relationships but also contribute positively to their communities.

Why Good Manners Matter

Being Kind and Respectful

Good manners are all about being kind and respectful to others. When we use polite words like “please” and “thank you,” we show that we care about the feelings of those around us. It helps us make friends and get along with people better.

Making School a Better Place

When everyone in school has good manners, it creates a friendly and happy environment. People feel comfortable and safe when others are polite and considerate. This makes learning and being at school more enjoyable for everyone.

What Happens with Bad Manners

Hurting Feelings

Bad manners can hurt people’s feelings. If we don’t use kind words or if we’re rude, it can make others sad or upset. Remember, the way we treat others affects how they feel about themselves and us.

Causing Problems

When we don’t have good manners, it can cause problems. People might not want to be our friends, and teachers might find it hard to teach us. Having bad manners can make things harder for us in school and in life.

How to Learn Good Manners

Fun Activities

Learning good manners can be fun! We can play games where we pretend to use polite words in different situations. This helps us practice being respectful in real life too.

Copying the Good

We can learn from the grown-ups around us. Parents, teachers, and other adults usually have good manners. We can watch how they talk to each other and copy their polite behavior.

Using Nice Words

Using nice words like “excuse me,” “please,” and “thank you” can make a big difference. These words show that we care about others and want to treat them well.

Making Our School Better

Working Together

When we all have good manners, our school becomes a better place. We can work together on projects and make new friends more easily. It’s like building a happy team!

Being Role Models

If we use good manners, others might follow our example. When people see us being polite and respectful, they might want to do the same. We can be role models for our friends.

Wrapping Up

Learning good manners is like learning how to be a good friend. It helps us connect with others and creates a positive atmosphere in our school. Remember to use kind words and be respectful – it will make a big difference in your life!

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good manners and bad manners activity photos

good manners and bad manners activity photos good manners and bad manners activity photos good manners and bad manners activity photos good manners and bad manners activity photos good manners and bad manners activity photos good manners and bad manners activity photos

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